Workshop Details

Neuro Workshop

  • Stroke Rehab (Dr. Nirmal Surya and Team).
  • EEG- basic principles (Dr. Partha Ray).
  • Neuroimaging (Dr. Ajay Garg).

Epilepsy Comprehensive Primary Care Workshop

  • Mamta Bhushan Singh Professor Dept Of NeurologyAll India Institute Of Medical Sciences.
  • How to diagnose epilepsy in 2024?
  • Video session including various seizure semiologies and also non-epileptic events.
  • The role of EEG and imaging in managing epilepsy in non-specialist care.
  • How to select an antiseizure medicine?
  • What to do if the first drug fails?
  • Looking beyond seizures in epilepsy chronic care.

Clinical Methods Revisited Workshop

  • Peripheral nerves palpation - Dr Cankatika Choudhury,
  • Different groups of lymphnodes palpation : Dr Bikash Chandra Nanda ,
  • Different artery palpation - Dr Spandan Bhaduri,

Geriatrics Workshop

  • Fall prevention CMC Vellore Dr Surekha V
  • Dementia Management – Physicians Perspective - Medical College Kolkata - Dr Himadri Das ,

Lung Function Test Workshop

  • Dr A G Ghosal & Dr Indranil Haldar
  • Introduction to Lung Function Test. Prof. A.G.Ghoshal
  • Spirometry : Dr. Indranil Halder
  • Respiratory Oscillometry (Case Based discussion): Dr Sandip Salvi
  • FENO : Dr Saibal Maitra
  • Hands on Spirometry, oscillometry, FENO, DLCO. (on rotation)

Non Invasive Ventilation

  • Didactic lectures
  • Indication of NIV use in ICU : Dr Rajesh Chawla
  • When not to use NIV : Dr Dhruv Choudhry
  • Setting of NIV Dr Basab Bijoy sarkar
  • Monitoring during NIV : Dr Deepak govil
  • Hands on : Dr Suresh Ramasubban, Dr Ajay Sirkar , Dr Sauren Panja
  • Knobology of NIV machines
  • Different Interfaces : Full Face mask, Nasal, Infranasal , Helmet
  • Application of NIV on a dummy

Oxygen therapy

  • Didactic :
  • Assessment of oxygenation : Dr Susrata Bandopadhyay
  • Different oxygen delivery system: Dr Amitabha saha
  • Advantages of High Flow Nasal oxygenation: Dr Dipankar sarkar
  • When oxygen may be harmful : Dr Sekhar Chakraborty
  • Hands On :
  • Display of different oxygen mask : Dr Tapas Bandopadhay
  • Set up of high flow nasal oxygenation: Dr Sankha Sen
  • Clinical case discussion on hypoxic patient : Prof Rakhi Sanyal

Radiology Workshop

  • How to interpret chest x-ray in day-to-day clinical practice Dr Debraj Jash
  • Clinico-radiological correlation Dr Supriya Sarkar
  • Mediastinal anatomy with special reference to EBUSDr Visweswaran Bala Suvramanium

Allergy Immunology Workshop

Dr. Saibal Moitra, Dr. Shambo S Samajdar, Dr. Ritabrata Mitra

A. Introduction and Overview

B. Case-Based Lectures

  • History Taking in Allergy Patients
  • Skin Prick Test
  • Allergen Immunotherapy

C. Demonstration Session (50 minutes)

  • Skin Prick Test
  • Allergen Immunotherapy Prescription

D. Q&A and Wrap-Up (10 minutes)

OSCE Workshop

  • Prof Jalil Chaudhury -Bangladesh

ECG Workshop

  • DR Selvaraj Tuticorin
  • M Cheniappan -Tamilnadu

Fibroscan Workshop

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